Murabaha is an Islamic financing structure in which an intermediary buys a property with free and clear title. Murabaha is not an interest-bearing loan, which is considered riba (or excess), and is an acceptable form of credit sale under Sharia (Islamic religious law).

Maarij Group’s Murabaha Investment options give investors the opportunity to earn between 7% – 12.5% per annum. We allocate Murabaha into companies we have completed full due diligence on and who have been trading with security for a minimum of 2 years.

Our Murabaha Essential opportunity ranges from 7% – 9% return per annum and is invested into Alfajr products which are distributed in negotiated territories.

Our Murabaha Premium opportunity ranges from 8.5% – 12.5% return per annum and is invested into Ibraheem Toy House, Rubicon and/or Forever Fruits Company. You can choose to invest into a specific product or negotiate a flexible agreement maximising your returns and minimising risk.

Download the Murabaha investment deck for full details around these opportunities.

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