Press Release: Maarij Group and My Salah Mat Announce Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia – 13th of May 2018

Maarij Group is pleased to announce its exclusive distribution agreement with My Salah Mat in South Africa.

My Salah Mat, founded by Kamal Ali, is the world’s first company to design a prayer mat to educate children on how to perform the Muslim prayer in a fun and enjoyable way. Maarij Group chose My Salah Mat for distribution since the Group believed in Kamal Ali’s company vision to give & spread the gift of Salah worldwide.

The addition of My Salah Mat to Maarij Group’s distribution network shows Maarij Group’s strong commitment to the market by offering educational Islamic products catering to Muslim families and young children.

Under this partnership, Maarij Group aims to help stockists in South Africa access high quality products & receive a seamless customer experience. This announcement signals the start of an exciting time for Maarij Group as well the prospective buyers in South Africa. Through this partnership with My Salah Mat, Maarij Group aims to further increase the product’s exposure and help deliver more inspirational toys to the South African market.

Br Harlan Mulford, Commercial Director, Maarij Group, upon announcing the partnership said:

“We are delighted with the recent distribution agreement with Kamal Ali, Founder of My Salah Mat. The Maarij Group team is committed to empowering Muslim families with Islamic educational toys. Play is an essential learning experience that children need to develop physically, mentally and spiritually. We are always seeking new opportunities to further drive the Islamic Toys market forward.

Kamal Ali, founder My Salah Mat, commented:

“I am truly delighted to partner with Maarij Group as exclusive distributor for My Salah Mat in South Africa. Maarij Group is recognized in developing and emerging markets for its professional and vast distribution network. I am extremely thrilled to be part of their journey to trade Islamic toys and educational products to markets like South Africa. I see a great potential in Maarij Group’s professional team and I am hopeful that we will build some strong foundations in South Africa as well as into other African regions.”

Stockists in South Africa will not only benefit from the smooth purchase experience but can also count on Maarij Group’s expert first line of support. Maarij Group is recognized in emerging and developing markets for its quality, design, and professionalism in distribution of products, and trading. Based on the expertise of our group, we will play a prominent role in the success of My Salah Mat in South Africa. This pivotal partnership will boost Maarij Group’s positioning and business in countries that are an extremely important market.

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