Maarij Group announced the launch of their new venture called Forever Fruits Company. Forever Fruits Company aims to make premium Medina Dates accessible to Muslims around the world. Forever Fruits Company is based in Medina, Saudi Arabia whilst exporting the Medina Dates around the world at market competitive pricing, premium quality, and guaranteed purchased grades.

Forever Fruits Company’s dates are processed with the highest standards of hygiene. Forever Fruits takes great pride in delivering the Medina Dates globally and the obvious factor is their presence in the region of Medina where the climate is perfect, where the delicate art of date production has been passed on through the generations over hundred years, providing a unique diversity and quality in dates.

Forever Fruits Company has also launched a unique service called “Umrah Pre Order Service” which is a specialized pre-order hotel delivery service aiming to facilitate pilgrims visiting medina after performing Umrah.

Forever Fruits Team delivers premium quality Medina Dates (Ajwa, Mabroom, Safaway, etc) to foreign pilgrims ensuring the quality and shelf life. Pilgrims can pre-order their Dates online and when they arrive Medina, Forever Fruits team will deliver sample dates and only once happy with the quality, the final order confirmation will be made and delivered to the pilgrims to their hotel.

About Maarij Group

Maarij Group is a holding company that has been established to manage and achieve global penetration in emerging and developing markets. For 15 years the founders and executives at Maarij Group have been building relationships and after establishing successful ventures across the globe, Maarij Group has influence, trust and respect with professional networks, investors and business ecosystems. Maarij Group aims to establish a portfolio of activity and ventures that bridge the business gap between the Eastern and Western markets. With influence and understanding of both developed and developing markets, we have a quest to connect and empower the world through ethical enterprise.

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