Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia, Monday 14 January 2019 – Maarij Group is delighted to announce its exclusive distribution agreement with with Alfajr Watches and Clocks in South Africa.

Alfajr was founded in 1999 and has since gained worldwide recognition for its high quality watch and clock products. Alfajr is now a global brand name that specialises in Islamic timepieces. The Alfajr name was derived from its original clock design which introduced a unique and innovative fajr alarm that changes daily “relative to” the fajr adhan. Alfajr have different models including wall clocks, table clocks, and various models of wrist watches for men, women and children. Alfajr watches are made from the highest quality materials supported by decades of excellent customer service.

Alfajr Watches and Clocks is a significant addition to Maarij Group’s distribution network. This deal demonstrates Maarij Group’s commitment to the South African Market by offering impactful Islamic products. Alfajr adds to the many active trade partnerships that Maarij Group has in place in South Africa.

Harlan Mulford, Commercial Manager (MEA) Maarij Group, upon announcing the partnership said:

“Alfajr watches and clocks are enjoyed by thousands of Muslims across the world. As a household Islamic brand name the Maarij Group team are excited to add them to our portfolio. Providing reminders for the five daily salah increases the positive impact we are having on the Ummah and compliments our existing toy product lines.”

Ibrahim S. Albassam, Marketing Manager Alfajr commented:

“We observed that South African Muslims are exceptionally curious about Alfajr products during their visits to Holy Makkah. Thus, we are glad to bring our products closer to them through partnering with our distributor in South Africa, Maarij Group.”

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