Al-Madinah – Saudi Arabia, January 4, 2017 – Maarij Capital – Group of Companies, announced today that it has entered into the definitive agreement under which Maarij Capital has acquired majority shareholding of Ibraheem Toy House. Moreover, Maarij Capital also collaborated with Ibraheem Toy House in order to re-launch the brand on all digital platforms; i.e. ecommerce store, social media management, digital advertisements, video content, etc. Ibraheem Toy House is UK’s leading Islamic online toy store serving Muslim families.

Founder & CEO Maarij Capital, Akmal Saleem upon entering this agreement commented:

“Nazia and Ibraheem Toy House is evidence of the entrepreneurship that exists within the Muslim community in the UK, a working Mum establishing a business which is featured in mainstream media really shows the dedication that Nazia had with Ibraheem Toy House. I believe it is our duty to support entrepreneurs like Nazia reach their potential and we will be doing everything to make this venture into the worlds favourite online Islamic toy store.”

Nazia Nasreen, the Founder & CEO of Ibraheem Toy House said:

“Working with Maarij Capital has allowed Ibraheem Toy House to grow substantially. The input and support provided by Maarij is very valuable, and it has immensely helped us improve our branding, operations, digital visibility, and has increased our e-sales manifold.”

Maarij Capital – Group of Companies has their core aim of acknowledging Muslim businesses from around the world, embracing them, and partnering with them to create greater impact, achieve greater market penetration and attain more brand visibility. For the very same reason, Maarij Capital signed this agreement with Ibraheem Toy House.

Finally Maarij Capital will also deliver a state-of-the-art digital strategy for Ibraheem Toy House that will increase brand visibility, boost e-sales, and garner a wider berth of audience to the re-launched ecommerce store.

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Ibraheem Toy House is a family business that started on kitchen table with 4 products & 30 suppliers from around the world. At Ibraheem Toy House , our mission is to instill the love of deen in the future generations of the Muslim Ummah. We believe that Children learn best and if the right educational books and toys are provided from a young age, we can instill the correct Islamic ethos and values in our children.

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