We are a growing venture capital firm head quartered in Madinah, Saudi Arabia with offices in UK, South Africa, Indonesia and Pakistan. We invest in early stage startups in-between seed and growth capital stages who have high growth potential and global appeal.

We provide value to our portfolio companies in 3 key ways:


Ethical Capital Investment

The source of your funding has an impact on the success of your journey, we believe in ethical capital. Our investment is free from interest and we use non leveraged models to help our portfolio companies grow in a sustainable manner.


Access to Global Network

We expose our portfolio companies to new opportunities globally though our vast network of contacts and partners. With infrastructure and resource across 5 continents we enable controlled accelerated growth to achieve a global presence.


Long Term

As early stage investors we know that subsequent fundraising is required. When the time is right we help our portfolio companies realise further funding, our connections empower entrepreneurs to focus on growing their businesses.

We only invest in early stage startups in-between Seed and Series A.


Venture Capital Application

  • ‘To leave a legacy, you have to be obsessed with a vision’

    Akmal Saleem | General Partner – Maarij Group