We invest in early stage startups in-between seed and growth capital stages, helping founders build sustainable brands and a global presence using ethical capital.

Maarij Group | Venture Capital Firm

We understand what it takes to build a truly successful and sustainable business and also know the challenges and stresses that come with it, both on an business and a personal level. We believe that investing is more than just a financial transaction – we aim to be partners through the hard times as well as the good times.


We back entrepreneurs to build market-leading global businesses. Our investment comes with responsibility and we pride ourselves in remaining transparent and making balanced decisions in the toughest situations.

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Maarij Capital - Group of Companies


We are committed to growing the Islamic economy, we believe in sharing of wealth and empowering people through enterprise. We build relationships with entrepreneurs and investors based on trust and mutual respect.

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We're on your side

Entrepreneurship is hard, we understand the journey you are embarking on and we are on your side as a partner.

We Empower You

We empower you with guidance, network, shared resource and ethical capital to realise your business potential.

Your Vision, Our Mission

Whatever your vision, we make it our mission to realise it and sustain it, achieving maximum impact along the way.

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    Maarij Group | Venture Capital Firm