Welcome to Maarij Group, we connect, influence and facilitate business in emerging and developing markets, through trading and ethical investments.

Maarij Group | Delivering Excellence Through Enterprise

Your Vision Our Mission

Maarij Group aims to establish a portfolio of activity and ventures that bridge the business gap between the Eastern and Western markets. With influence and understanding of both developed and developing markets, we have a quest to connect and empower the world through ethical enterprise.

About Us

With offices around the world and our HQ in Madinah, Saudi Arabia,
we have a commitment to ethical standards, sustainable opportunities
and professional etiquette.

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With global infrastructure, thousands of products flow through our
distribution network, we accelerate the growth of ethnic based products,
buying and distributing product within operating regions.

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Maarij Trading

Ethical Investments

Join our journey and become a valued investor, we offer ethical
and compliant opportunities within our group offering full
transparency and a range of returns.

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Maarij Investments

Our Ventures

We have been building businesses for a decade and have
ventures within services, e-commerce, food and logistics.
Find out more about our portfolio of businesses.

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Maarij Ventures

Delivering Excellence Through Enterprise

Maarij Group – Trading & Ethical Investments