Welcome to Maarij Group, we influence and facilitate business across emerging markets, through private trade and investment.

Maarij Group | Private Trade & Investment Group

Maarij Group has established a global trade ecosystem which encompasses both trade and investment between developed and emerging markets. With active regional distribution networks, local influence, understanding of market growth and consumer trends, we are on a quest to accelerate global growth and empower brands through ethical trade and enterprise.


For centuries traders have scoured the globe searching for new products in strange cultures and made them accessible to the world, from silk to spices the global demand for new products has never been greater, we are modern traders with ethical values.

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We are committed to economical growth within emerging markets, we believe in the sharing of wealth with our stakeholders and employ a philosophy of continuous investment. This is why we are always looking for new venture capital opportunities and stakeholders.

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Maarij Group | Private Trade & Investment Group